Motus Christi Testimonies

Testimonies of young people from previous Motus Christi weekends

Before I came here I was dealing with a serious problem and I had no clue on how to deal with it. Not one day I wouldn’t think of that problem and the fact that I can’t get my mind out of that, it caused more problems on my social life, school and especially my spiritual life. I was having second thoughts of coming here, actually I had none because my dad said yes to Father Robert without even asking me. However, looking back to it I’m so honored and blessed that I came here. On the second day I was here, I found the solution of my problem already. Not in a million years I would think that LONELINESS is the core of all our sickness but Father Luis is right. It is the core and everything else springs from that root. I was happy and relieved after that seminar. And things keep getting better because we had the community after. All our sessions were great, hopefully everyone else did too, because I never had that connection with anybody and somehow I can relate to everything they say. It made me realize that I’m not alone anymore, and I’m not the only [one] with problems. I always thought that nobody else suffer the way I do. But that was my naïve self before I came here and now it opened my eyes that other people have suffered the same thing or worse and they persevere through all of that. If they can do it, why not me.This experience really made me a better person and also my faith is growing every second of the day since I came here. I can look at life now a little clearer as Jesus Christ sees it. I’m not saying that I’m a whole new person now and I’m perfect because I’m not. I will always make mistakes and face tough situations but I just need to persevere. And one thing I learned the most is to ask yourself every single time you make a decision, “What would Jesus Christ do in this situation?”I was inspired by everyone here and I’m sad that not all my friends have a chance to experience this. I’m so blessed and thank you for this wonderful experience..



The one thing the Holy Spirit touched me with these 3 days was peace. Not just any sort of peace but the peace that is from God. I’m reminded once again that Love never, EVER forces its own way or if it does, never for selfish, harmful reasons. Love is in itself a manifestation of the spirit, a will and a drive to reach the impossible dream. But more than that I’ve learned that Love is the friend that lets you cry on its shoulder or hug you when you’re happy. God is eternal and loving and I’ve come to realize that I have no more reasons to run away from love any more. No more reasons to give pointless excuses not follow God to the most highest of ideals. And overall, no more reason to keep my love and peace all to myself. God is the writer and I am his pen. And with him as my author, I can truly change the world.


Before I share the experience I had this year at Motus Christi, I want to first thank each and every one of you for making this retreat all the better. We all know that we have our obligations to take care of, and for me being a full-time student isn’t easy. When I say full-time, I really mean full-time. In my senior year of high school, taking 4 college courses including one after school at a college campus, it’s real hard for me to kind of step back and take a break from anything. But this retreat gave me an opportunity to not just take a break, but most importantly to renew my love for Christ. ...coming here has helped me to rediscover the reason I go to holy mass; the reason why I hunger and thrist to receive Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. He is my all. When I look at a crucifix and see out Lord’s love for each and every one of us, I see the true meaning of life. I, too am willing to die for Him, to die to myself; to give up my own life in order to find it. I want to strive to be more like Jesus and His heavenly Father, who is true love. In our communities it was inspiring to hear how eager everyone is to follow Christ and to truly live our lives the way Christ wants us to live them. Going back home I want to take the inspiration that Christ gave me these past few [days] and share it with everyone that I encounter. I really want to help everyone I encounter to see the love that Christ has for each and every one of us and that He is present in each one of our lives, teaching us the true way to love God and our neighbor. I want to once again thank everyone here for their presence and everyone who was praying for us back home and all around the world. We truly have seen the immense power of their prayers. I want to especially thank the Idente Missionaries for inviting me once again here to renew my love for Christ. And may we all persevere in our trials and difficulties, carrying our daily crosses, proving our true love for Jesus Christ.


My first reaction when I said yes to my best friend to come to Motus Christi, was kinda weird and strange. Weird because I didn’t believe in Christ before and I was having negative thoughts about him. I asked myself, what did you do? Why am I here? I came because my friend was telling me it’s another world and you can have peace, it’s a place for you to reflect and know him better. I didn’t believe her, because I have to feel it first. Now I understand she was right, it is another world. I would say I met Christ through the weekend that I was here, and my point of view about him is different. Now I do believe in him, I believe he really lived and that he is the only one that changes your life. Through this retreat I learned that Christ is my savior and that he is always there for you no matter what. He changed my life through these 4 days…I have a little more faith. Through this retreat I met good friends, and also they helped me to have a different perspective of God. Also prayer was the way I learned to be more close and communicate with him. Now that I’m leaving I answered my own question….The reason I didn’t believe in God before was because I thought he took my mother away just to make me suffer.


This retreat motivated me to be more in communion with God, my parents and brothers and sisters….and with people from church and from work. This retreat is calling me to conversion, to see God as my Doctor that will heal me of any kind of impurity that I have. I thank God for my family, especially for the parents he has given me. I think God for the grace of being here and sharing with different kinds of young people. I can see God is each one of them. I also thank God for giving me the grace not to be attached to material things I have, especially money



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